Watch the Virtual Open Day

Watch the Virtual Open Day

MIBS : Master in International Business for Small and Medium Enterprises

Watch the recording of the Virtual Open Day and discover how the Master’s Degree has shaped its learning experience to transfer to the students the exact skills businesses need.


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00:36 – Why Master MIBS and who is the Master’s for?

01:54 – What are the jobs a student can apply for after the Master?

02:39 – What skills will be developed?

05:20 – What it the practice-based approach of the Master?

06:23 – Why is the the couse completely in English?

08:53 – Why is the internship one of the strenghts of MIBS?

17:22 – What are the firms students had their internship with?

21:40 – What is the Master’s structure?

27:10 – What are some of the most important modules?

31:15 – Master MIBS as a networking opportunity.